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Please see below for a list of local neighborhoods close to Santa Monica. Areas are listed in distance to Santa Monica College

Santa Monica

A small seaside city in one of Los Angeles’ more affluent neighborhoods, Santa Monica is a vibrant, youthful community and one of LA’s most visited areas. A mild climate, great restaurants, shops, art galleries and tourist attractions make it a fun and exciting place to visit, live or work – or go to college! Santa Monica is surrounded by a host of other close neighborhoods where many SMC students also live.

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Zip Codes: 90401; 90402; 90403; 90404; 90405

Distance to SMC: You’re home!

Marina del Rey

Another seaside location, with beautiful ocean views and a relaxed, casual life-style, Marina del Rey is just minutes by car from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and Santa Monica.

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Zip Codes: 90292

Distance to SMC: 1.75+ miles; 2.9+ km

West Los Angeles

West LA offers city living at its best. Considered upscale and centrally located, everything can be found here from specialty retailers and shopping malls to generally affordable housing.

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Zip Codes: 90064

Distance to SMC: 1.5+ miles; 2.41+ km


A subdivision in the West Los Angeles area, Palms is the oldest neighborhood annexed to the city of Los Angeles. Today it is a primarily residential area, with a large number of apartment buildings and ribbons of commercial zoning. Westside Village, an upscale residential area, comprises Palms' northwest section.

Zip Codes: 90034

Distance to SMC: 4.5+ miles; 7.25+ km

Mar Vista

Adjacent to Santa Monica but on the less expensive side, Mar Vista offers both affordability and accessibility to Santa Monica and the Westside, with many apartments available for lease or rent.

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Zip Codes: 90066

Distance to SMC: 4.5+ miles; 7.25+ km


Best known as UCLA’s Village, Westwood has everything for its youthful population – theatres, restaurants, housing (including dormitories) and shops galore. Many SMC students choose to live in Westwood for its young demographic and fun, relaxed lifestyle. Excellent

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Zip Codes: 90024

Distance to SMC: 4.75 + miles; 7.60+ km

Rancho Park

With the exception of the ever-popular Westside Pavilion shopping Mall and heavily traveled Pico Boulevard, Rancho Park is a fairly quiet area. Generally affluent, it is within easy commuting distance to SMC and is considered a desirable neighborhood.

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Zip Codes: 90064

Distance to SMC: 1.5 + miles; 2.4+ km


Brentwood is one of the prominent districts of the Westside and among the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It has prosperous commercial districts along each of its major east-west thoroughfares, Wilshire Boulevard, San Vicente Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. Housing tends to be on the more expensive side.

More local information: Brentwoodc Cmmunity Council website

Zip Codes: 90049

Distance to SMC: 4.75+ miles; 7.60+ km

Pacific Palisades

A very affluent and primarily residential area, Pacific Palisades enjoys a mixture of large private homes, small (usually older) houses, condominiums, and apartments. The district also includes some large parklands and many hiking trails.

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Zip Codes: 90272

Distance to SMC: 5+ miles; 8+ km