Student Support

Title IX Task Force


In an Emergency 24/7

From any campus phone,
call 4300 or 911

From a mobile phone,
call SMC dispatch

If off-campus, call 911

Task Force Members

  • Michael Tuitasi (Chair), Student Affairs

  • Sherri Lee-Lewis, Human Resources/ Title IX Officer

  • Nancy Greenstein, Board Member/ UCLA

  • Karen Gunn, Retired Faculty/ Psychology

  • Eileen Rabach, Faculty/ Social Science

  • Guido Del Piccolo, Faculty/ Social Science

  • Tina Feiger, Faculty/Counselor/ Ombudsperson

  • Deyna Hearn, Judicial Affairs/ Title IX Deputy

  • Kasiani Gountoumas, Campus Nurse/ Student Health Services

  • Jere Romano, Campus Police Rep/ Clery Reporting

  • Student/AS Vice President

  • Student/Lead President's Ambassadors

  • Student Trustee

About the Task Force

The President's Title IX Task Force was created by former president Chui L. Tsang as a group to review the District’s policies, procedures, and practices as they relate to Title IX (Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault) as well as, recommend necessary improvements that must be adopted to bring the college into compliance with the newly enacted laws and regulations.

Members were selected based on knowledge and experience in working with issues on campus concerning Title IX. Three student leaders are also part of the group to represent the viewpoints of students.

The Task Force reviews some of the existing practices, such as the University of California’s (PEAR) Model and will provide a report to my Office with key findings and recommendations. These recommendations address the areas including Prevention, Education, Advocacy, and Reporting & Response. The group also provides occasional reports to the college community and solicit their input and concerns. The Task Force shall not explore matters that impact or relate to salary, benefits, or working, conditions of college employees.

Vice-President Mike Tuitasi is charged with leading this special taskforce to convene regularly and present recommendations to the president so that the college is able to meet the effective dates of the newly enacted laws and regulations.