Buses and Trains


Big Blue Bus

GoPass provides unlimited transit rides throughout L.A.

SMC students who pay their Student Benefits fee of $22.50 can now ride and transfer between several transit systems all over L.A. thanks to a Metro pilot program called GoPass. Ride Big Blue Bus, Metro, Culver City Bus, LADOT Dash, Norwalk Transit, Montebello Bus, City of Commerce, and a growing list of other transit agencies* by doing the following:

To register your GoPass:

1. Pay your $22.50 Student Benefits fee at Corsair Connect: www.smc.edu/cc.

2. Get your TAP card ready:

  • Use a TAP card you already own (except a reduced-fare College/ Vocational TAP card).
  • Don’t own a TAP card ? Pick one up from the Cashier's Office or request it be mailed to the address we have on file. Just email your student ID # to Transportation@smc.edu. (The blank TAP card will need to be registered before it can be used to ride for free. See next step)

3. Get your eligibility code at www.smc.edu/cc

  • Click Enrollment tab
  • Choose semester from drop menu
  • Then click Metro/BBB TAP Card in menu on left

4. Enter the code in Metro's portal: www.taptogo.net/gopass, along with the 20-digit number found on the bottom right of the back of the TAP card or in your app. Your pass will be ready to use within 4 hours.

  • Each semester you will need to re-register your card using a new unique code, after paying your Student Benefit fee, to continue to ride with these transit agencies.
  • In case your TAP card is lost or stolen, login to Corsair Connect to cancel the old card and get a replacement code. Your old TAP card will be deactivated.
  • For problems registering your card, call 866.TAP-TOGO or customerservice@taptogo.net

Big Blue Bus (BBB) and Metro serve all SMC campuses 

Main Campus is served by BBB lines: 7, 7R, 8, 16, 41, 43, and Metro's Expo train at 17th Street Station and Colorado. Note: BBB #7 line has extended to Wilshire and Western. It used to stop at Rimpau. R10 midday service has been discontinued. (note, lines 42 and 44 suspended until further notice).

Bundy/Airport Campuses are served by BBB lines: 14 and Metros Expo train at Bundy Station. (note, line 44 suspended until further notice).

PAC is served by BBB lines: 1, 2, 10R, 41, and Metro's Expo train at 17th Street Station. (note, lines 42 and 44 suspended until further notice).

Center for Media and Design is served by BBB lines: 5, 16, and 43 and Metro's Expo train at Bergamot Station.

Emeritus is served by BBB lines: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 7R, 8, 9, 10R, 18 & Metro's Expo train at 4th Street Station as well as Metro buses: 4, 33, 534, 704, 733

Malibu Campus is served by Metro's #134 from downtown Santa Monica to the Civic Ctr / Malibu Library (about 1 hour ride + a 4 minute walk).

Routes and Schedules of Buses and Trains

Metro - Santa Monica CollegeMetro's Expo train serves the following SMC campuses:

  • Main campus - 17th and Colorado (10 min walk or catch BBB #41 or 42 or SMC shuttle)
  • Performing Arts Center - 17th and Colorado (10 min walk or catch the SMC shuttle)
  • Emeritus - 4th Street Station (10 min walk)
  • Center for Media and Design - Bergamont Station (4 min walk)
  • Bundy /Airport campuses - (catch the BBB #14 from the Bundy Station)
  • Malibu Campus - Transfer from 2nd and Colorado to Metro's #134. Ride it to the Civic Ctr / Malibu Library (about 1 hour ride + a 4 minute walk)
  • Students can get an unlimited transit rides around LA with the GoPass by paying their SMC Student Benefit's fee each semester at www.smc.edu/cc.

Watch for Trains. Stay off the Tracks. Be Alert.

For more safety tips, visit metro.net/safety.

Look for housing close to transit and bike paths to easily  get to SMC.

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