Employee Incentive Program


Receive up to $30 per month for doing the right thing!

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Who do I contact if I have questions?
Contact the Sustainability Department at 310-434-3909 or ceus@smc.edu for more information.

How much can I earn by commuting sustainably to SMC?
It depends on how often you commute sustainably vs drive alone or telecommute each month.

  • Level I: Any employee that uses sustainable transportation 30%-49% of the time is eligible to receive a $15 monthly subsidy.
  • Level II: Any employee that uses sustainable transportation 50%-74% of the time is eligible to receive a $25 monthly subsidy.
  • Level III: Any employee that uses sustainable transportation 75%-100% of the time is eligible to receive a $30 monthly subsidy.

Quarterly Prize Drawing: Employees who qualify for a Sustainable Transportation Incentive for three consecutive months within the fiscal year quarter will be entered in a Quarterly Prize Drawing for that quarter. The prize drawing will be a total of $200.00 in gift certificates, distributed among four prize winners ($50 each). Winners will be selected at random. Gift certificates will be facilitated and distributed by the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies.

Which types of sustainable transportation qualify?

Sustainable modes of transportation include walking, skating, bicycling, scooters, mass transit, carpooling and vanpooling. Telecommuting is not considered eligible for the Sustainable Transportation Incentive Program.

Can I still submit a paper form?
No, only employees without access to a computer are allowed to submit a paper form. We request that whenever possible employees use the online form: commute.smc.edu

Do I have to enter the Santa Monica College information in the profile?
YES! You must use the commute.smc.edu link or enter Santa Monica College in your profile to be included in the electronic community and receive your incentive.

Does it matter which web browser I use?
Yes, the recommended web browser is Google Chrome.

Is supervisor signature required?
No, instead we will be doing a monthly audit of participants selected at random.

How do I submit my form?
SMC employees must log their commutes for the previous month by the 10th of the each month. ONLY LOG COMMUTES FOR DAYS THAT YOU WORKED (not weekends, holidays, etc). For example, if you bike to work four days and drove alone one day in a week, then click on the four days that you biked and choose BIKE for Mode of Travel. Then click on the green button LOG 8 TRIPS. Then click on the one date you drove and choose DRIVE ALONE from the same drop down menu. Then click on the green button LOG 2 TRIPS. You can log your trips as often as you want. For those with a regular schedule, it’s easiest to do on the last day of the month. Make sure to set a calendar reminder to get it done before the 10th day of the next month or you will lose your incentive.

How do I see my monthly commute?
Select the days that you would like to view on the dashboard calendar, then click on the ‘History’ tab. This will show you your days logged as well as the modes and information you entered. This is a very useful view and can be used to view and edit past commutes.

What is SMC doing with this information?
This information is NOT being shared publicly. We are using portions of this information to process the alternative transportation incentive and inform SMC alternative transportation programs. You can view the detailed privacy agreement on the Commute SM website.

Why is SMC tracking employee commutes?
SMC is required by law to provide the South Coast Air Quality Management District with the College’s Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR). SMC’s target AVR is 1.5 persons per vehicle. In effort to achieve our target AVR and improve environmental performance, the College provides the alternative transportation incentive for employees regularly taking alternative transportation such as bus, bike, walking, or carpool.

Are EVs and motorcycles considered alternative transportation?
No, at this time EVs, scooters, and motorcycles are not considered alternative transportation and do not qualify for the incentive program. However, we will be reviewing the incentive structure and may include these modes in the future depending on the regional Air Quality Management District standards.

As a new employee, when do I become eligible to receive this benefit?
*If this is your first time participating in this program, please make sure you're eligible by answering the following questions to yourself:
1. Am I a probationary employee, permanent employee or a temporary employee? If temporary employee, you are not eligible.
2. Was my employment start date prior to the first date claimed on Corsair Commute? If yes, you are eligible.
3. Am I commuting 50% or more of the route to my SMC work-location by sustainable means (bike/walk/carpool/transit)? If yes, you are eligible.

Can I receive training on the new online system?
The system is easy to use and employees are encouraged to explore the system before requesting training. However, if you are having difficulty or have additional questions please contact the Sustainability Center at 310-434-3909 or ceus@smc.edu for more information.

Where can I find out more info about the Alternative Transportation Incentive Program?
You can find out details on sustainable transportation on the SMC sustainability website: www.smc.edu/transportation. You can also contact the Sustainability Center at 310-434-3909 or ceus@smc.edu for more information.

*Temporary employees can not receive this benefit but those who are still on probation can. To ensure eligibility for all, please inform us of your start date prior to submitting your first trip. 

For more information, see Alternative Transportation FAQ

Be, Ride, Get, Green

If you bike, walk, carpool, or bus to SMC on a regular basis then you could be eligible for a monthly incentive ranging from $15-$30. The SMC Sustainable Transportation incentive program is part of SMC's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and achieving a state-mandated target Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR). Basically, the more people taking alternative transportation the better!

Register with the new online system today to start logging your commutes and receiving your monthly incentive. Paper copies of the sustainable transportation subsidy claim form only accepted for employees without access to a computer. Corsair Commute.