Housing Search Radius - Finding Housing without Needing a Car

Although SMC does not offer lodging, the college does recommend starting your housing search close to a bus, train, or bike path so you don’t need to drive. Los Angeles is famous for its traffic so finding housing that does not require you to drive can make a big difference in your experience at SMC. The Big Blue Bus is free Any Line, Any Time, Metro’s Expo train runs from downtown LA to the beach in 47 minutes and has stops with easy access to all SMC’s campuses. A safe bike path runs parallel to the Expo line and bike lanes feed into the main campus on Ocean Park Blvd and on 17th St.

This map was created to help you start your housing search in areas that are a close walk to a station or are near a safe bike path.

Bikes are allowed on the Expo line and all busses have front racks that hold 2 or 3 bikes.

Find all your transportation options.

Use Corsair Commute to find the best way to get to campus from any address you put in. It's a free personalized trip planner that provides all options (bike, walk, transit, carpool, and car) in one screen, including costs, time, route maps, calories burned and CO2 emitted.

Download a Large Version of the Map