Parking & Transportation


Students getting onto Big Blue Bus

Big Blue Bus Line 44

Big Blue Bus has suspended operation of line #44 (running between main campus and Bundy/ Airport) until further notice. 

Get GoPass for unlimited transit rides throughout L.A. 

SMC students who pay their Student Benefits fee of $22.50 can ride and transfer between 13 transit systems (including Big Blue Bus and Metro buses and trains) all over L.A., when they register for the GoPass. To register, do the following:

1. Pay your $22.50 Student Benefits fee at Corsair Connect and find your eligibility code.

  • Select correct term at the top of the page
  • Click Fees & Payment in menu on the left
  • Click Transportation GoPass
  • Copy highlighted eligibility code at the top of the page

2. Visit Metro's portal:, and paste the eligibility code in the form along with your student information. 

  • Choose how you want to have a pass, on your Phone or a plastic TAP card? (You cannot have both)
  • The mobile pass is recommended, since it’ll be ready to use immediately. Plastic TAP cards take 1-2 hours before they can be used.
  • Mobile Pass users(instructions).
  • Plastic TAP card users can use one you already own, pick one up from the Cashier’s Office, or request it be mailed to your address on file. Just email your student ID # to (The blank TAP card will still need to be registered before it can be used to ride for free). You also need to enter the 20-digit number (found on the bottom right on the back of the TAP card). Your pass will be ready to use within 1-2 hours.
  • Tap your card on a bus or train within 14 days or it will deactivate. 
  • You must tap your card each time you ride.
  • Each semester you will need to re-register your card using a new eligibility code, after paying your Student Benefit fee on Corsair Connect.
  • In case your TAP card is lost or stolen, login to Corsair Connect to cancel the old card and get a replacement code. Your old TAP card will be deactivated.
  • For problems registering your card, call 866-TAP-TOGO or
Transportation Options to Get to SMC

​Transportation Alternatives

Students attending SMC have many alternatives to get to campus without driving alone. In fact, 70% of our students get to campus by bus, train, carpool, bike, scooter or walking because they know it saves money on gas and permits/tickets and is less stressful. 

Explore your alternatives using SMC's personalized trip planner. It provides all options (bike, walk, transit, carpool, and car) in one screen, including costs, time, route maps, calories burned and CO2 emitted.​

*Some of the transportation options are provided by third parties and not regulated by SMC. Some may involve you signing legal agreements. You should carefully review the agreements and ensure that the option you select is appropriate for you.

Safety Escort Service

Your safety is a key element to quality education. To protect members of the SMC community, the College provides students, staff, and faculty attending evening sessions with walking escorts within the area bounded by Delaware Street, 21st Street, Ocean Park Boulevard, and 14th Street.

The FREE service is provided Monday through Thursday, from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

To request a walking escort, simply dial 4300 from any telephone on campus. An SMC escort will meet you anywhere within the service area and walk you to your destination.

Relevant Telephone Numbers

  • Parking Information310-434-4608
  • Center for Students With Disabilities310-434-4265
  • Cashier’s Office310-434-4664
  • College Police310-434-4608 or 310-434-4300
  • Safety Escort Service (from campus phone)4300
  • College Police – General Information310-434-4608

Campus and Transit Map

SMC Campuses & Transit Map

  • Satellite campus parking is free for students and staff with SMC ID.
  • Route #43 in green connects Metro Rail, main SMC campus, and the Center for Media and Design (CMD).
  • Route #44 in orange connects Metro Rail, main SMC campus, and Bundy Campus. *This route is suspended until further notice.
  • Route #41 connects the Metro Rail, main SMC campus, and Performing Arts Center (PAC).
  • Malibu Campus - catch Metro's #134 from downtown Santa Monica to Malibu Library (about 1 hour ride + a 4 minute walk).

Printable Maps

If the maps on our Transportation web pages are not accessible to you, contact Manuel Islas by telephone at 310-434-3554 or email at

SMC locations

Transportation Task Force at SMC

Way to Go LogoInterested in being a part of the solution? Attend the Transportation Task Force meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 1 – 2:30 pm. Meetings located at 1744 Pearl Street.

A draft of the new sustainable transportation plan can be found here: Sustainable Transportation Planning Matrix.

SMC Employees​

Earn monthly cash incentives for using alternative modes to get to work.