Transfer Options



Santa Monica College has articulation agreements with the following College and Universities:

California State University Transfer Options

University of California Transfer Options

Cornish College of the Arts

Loyola Marimount University

SUNY, College at Brockhaven

Recommended Courses for Transfer

Students should check or for individual campus requirements.

Dance 9 (Dance Production), Dance 55A and 55B and 55C (Contemporary Performance Classes), 57A and 57B (World Dance Performance Classes), 59A, 60, 61, 62 and 63 (Choreography)

Recommended Electives:

Dance 14, 15, 16 (Jazz), Dance 17, 18 (Tap), Dance 20 (World Dance), Dance 21 (Asian), Dance 22, 23 (Mexican), Dance 25 (African); Dance 27 (Brazilian), Dance 29 (Middle Eastern), Dance 31, 32 (Ballet), Dance 41, 42 (Modern Dance), Dance 51 (Introduction to Dance Therapy), Dance 79 (Dance in New York City) Additional graduation requirements for the AA degree from Santa Monica College are listed on a page preceding this section at

Transfer Requirements