Mathematics Department

New Students


Welcome to Santa Monica College.

In accordance with Title V regulations, Santa Monica College has specific procedures to determine a students' initial placement in a math course. Most students are placed into math courses through the new guidelines of AB 705.

There are many factors that influence your success in a math class at Santa Monica College. The Mathematics Department at Santa Monica College believes that the single most important success factor is the individual's current skill level. The department also recognizes the importance of study skills, the allowance of time for homework, previous mathematics grades, the length of time elapsed since the completion of the previous mathematics course, completion of course prerequisites, and personal motivation.

We are here to help you succeed. The Math Lab provides tutoring and homework help five days a week, and during the Fall and Spring semesters, teachers hold scheduled office hours. Additionally selected sections are associated with programs designed to improve students success, including STEM, Supplemental Instruction, FYE experience, Adelante Program, and Black Collegians.

Several faculty members of the department worked under a STEM grant and created the following modules in Canvas.  The modules are to help students refresh or learn topics in math. To self-enroll, please click the following links and you will have access to these modules in your Canvas account:

Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics: AT&S Modules

Calculus Modules