SMC Emeritus



Emeritus has a wonderful history of growth and perseverance throughout the years. There were plenty of growing pains along the way, too, including changing priorities in state funding and the many, many changing locations (more than 13 moves throughout the years).

“Emeritus locations were quite colorful – from a desk in the old switchboard room on the SMC main campus in 1975 to a multi-storied showcase on Second Street. I still remember the many tight quarters and temporary spaces on the main campus. I now laugh at the memory of the rumble of cars overhead at 1433 Second Street, the line at the restrooms, and the crowded front office.... Then a bond issue for a permanent home for Emeritus passed, and a fantastic permanent home was purchased. The feeling of being a vagabond was gone.”
– Maggie Hall, retired Associate Dean of Emeritus


Read below for some of the key moments in the Emeritus program’s history. Thank you to Florence Rosenbloom for her research into the history of Emeritus.