SMC Emeritus



The Publications of SMC Emeritus

The students, staff, and faculty produce 3 amazing publications. The Emeritus Voice newsletter comes out twice each year. Plus the two journals produced by Emeritus, the Ongoing Moment and the Emeritus Chronicles. This works reflects some of the amazing benefits of participation in Emeritus.

The Emeritus Voice Newsletter

This newsletter features interviews of Emeritus students, faculty and staff, and important updates. It can be found here.

The Ongoing Moment (ISSN 2692-2568)

This is an annual (Fall) publication, sharing both work from students in a watercolor class, reflective of their own significant life moments, juxtaposed with the salient lived experiences of Emeritus students in writing classes. This publication is edited by Emeritus faculty members Monona Wali and Catherine Tirr.

Purchase copies of The Ongoing Moment (which is produced every Fall).

Emeritus Chronicles (ISSN 2577-9206)

This is an annual (Spring) publication of autobiographical works submitted for peer review by Emeritus students. This publication is edited by Emeritus faculty member Monona Wali, with support from students in ENGLISH E34.

Purchase copies of The Emeritus Chronicles (which is produced every Spring).