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Open Counseling 20 Sections 

COUNS 20, Student Success Seminar

3 Units | UC/CSU Transferable
This course provides an exploration of intellectual, psychological, social and physical factors that impact lifelong learning, well-being and success. Topics include motivation and self-efficacy; critical thinking, academic integrity and active study strategies; health issues and lifestyle choices; relating to others as a global citizen; written and oral communication; time management; career exploration; and educational planning.

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What do students say about Counseling 20?

Former Counseling 20 Student
"I really learned a lot about how to better myself and proceed through my college life."
Former Counseling 20 Student
"Counseling 20 helped guide me through my current and future plans and how to stay organized. This class is definitely recommended and should be taken by everyone."
Former Counseling 20 Student
"The work I did in Counseling 20 was honestly some of the most interesting and helpful I learned this semester and I am so thankful for the help and guidance!"