Counseling Information for Current EOPS/CARE Students


Academic, Transfer, and Personal Counseling Services

Our EOPS counselors will help you form your academic and career goals, and develop both short-term and long-term educational plans. Personal counseling services are also available to help students adjust to college life.

EOPS counselors work with EOPS students to:

  • Develop a plan of courses needed to achieve students' educational and/or career goals
  • Find the right combination of courses to fit students' needs and skill levels;
  • Ensure that students are on track to meet SMC graduation and certification requirements, as well as to transfer to baccalaureate institutions and/or professional schools.

EOPS Fall 2023 Counseling Contact Dates

1st Counseling Contact

July 24 – September 29

Update a current educational plan each semester with an EOPS counselor. If you have an updated educational plan from another department, an EOPS counselor needs to review it.

2nd Counseling Contact

October 2 – November 9

Meet with an EOPS counselor to discuss progress in reaching educational goals for the term and plan your winter/spring 2024 courses in preparation for your priority registration date.

3rd Counseling Contact

November 13 – December 21

The purpose of this contact is to help you prepare for the next term or to make future plans if you are graduating, receiving a certificate, or transferring.