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EOPS/CARE Tutoring

Due to the campus closure for social distancing, all in-person tutoring has been suspended and has been moved to the ZOOM online platform.

You will be able to access Zoom with a computer, laptop, or tablet (audio & video capability necessary). You may also access it with a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc). Whether laptop or smartphone, you will need Google Chrome (you can download it for free). If you are using a smartphone, it will make you download the Zoom app (it's also free). Once you get Google Chrome, you can open the tutoring link at the time you sign up for a tutoring session.

Email Gina Brunell, EOPS Administrative Assistant, if you have any questions. Phone calls cannot be answered at this time.

Zoom Tutoring Policy

  1. Watch the Zoom tutorial before you join a tutor session.
  2. Find a tutor you wish to meet with from the list below, then click their zoom link to join their session. Wait for the tutor to let you into the session.
  3. The tutor reserves the right to cancel or terminate a session at any time.
  4. Have your study materials ready, tutors do not have access to textbooks.
  5. Tutors are not instructors; hence they do not conduct lectures.
  6. Please remember that the tutors may be working with multiple students at one time, so be patient.
  7. Have your questions ready and know how to share them on your whiteboard. You can also use the video chat option to ask questions. Be polite and respectful.
  8. Contact your network provider or Zoom if you have a technical issue.

Summer 2021 Tutoring Schedules

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