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CSU Application Dates and Deadlines


​​​​​​The SMC Transfer/Counseling Center would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for applying to the California State University for Fall 2019, and to try to answer some of the most pressing questions you may have about the application process at this time.  We would strongly suggest if you have additional questions that you meet with an SMC counselor. If SMC counselors are unable to answer your questions, they can refer you to the appropriate person at the California State University campus to get the answers you need.

After applying to the CSU, transfer applicants are required to update their academic information by January 31 to ensure we have your most recent grades and courses.  

The Transfer/Counseling Center is offering "Open Computer Lab Times" during the month of January for students who wish to come in and update their UC and/or CSU Applications.  A counselor will be available to assist students with any questions about the update process.

CSU Next Steps Checklist

Virtual Counselor Assistance

You must provide your final grades from the previous term and list all courses in progress or planned for the upcoming term before you expect to enroll. Your updates will ensure CSU campuses have the most current academic information.

Please take this opportunity to ensure you have provided the most accurate information on your transfer application.

Please complete the following steps prior to January 31, 2021.

  1. Login to Cal State Apply and select the Check Status page.

  2. Download a PDF copy of your application(s) to review your academic information and transferable GPA.

  3. Review and update your colleges attended, if needed

  4. Review your Transcript Entry for each college you have attended
    • Ensure ALL Courses have been entered
    • Review and update the Transferable Flag, if needed
    • Update ALL grades for Fall 2019 coursework
    • Ensure all Winter/Spring 2020 courses are entered
    • Ensure repeated courses have a grade of RP and Academic Renewal courses have a grade of AR
  5. Update your General Education information, if needed

  6. Once you have made all of your changes select the "Update Application" button on the Application Dashboard

For further details on ensuring your college coursework is accurate please refer to the Cal State Apply Transfer Credit Entry Guide.

Important Tips

  • Please do not assume you can take courses in the Summer 2020 and have those courses "make up" for courses you didn't complete in Fall 2019, Winter 2020 or Spring 2020. Please contact the CSU campus(es) directly about their policies permitting summer course completion.
  • You must send transcripts upon request from the CSU. Campuses may have different deadlines.
  • Activate your campus student portal as soon as possible. In addition to email, the campus portal is one of the primary means campuses communicate with students regarding important updates such as your application status and required document deadlines.
  • Follow all deadlines and requirements for tuition and fee payments and required documents to ensure your application continues to be processed (i.e., official transcripts, AP Scores, accepting your offer of admission, residency documents, etc.)
  • Respond immediately to all requests for follow-up information and/or documents from CSU campus Offices of Financial Aid, Admissions EOP, etc.
  • Domestic students should apply for Financial Aid on the FAFSA website or California Dream Act as soon as possible and no later than March 2, for maximum aid consideration.
  • If you have college or university courses (other than SMC) that you are using to satisfy either CSU GE, IGETC or elective units for transfer, they must be evaluated by an SMC counselor to determine transferability and applicability to specific requirements. Most of you have already done this, but if you haven't, please see an SMC counselor to start that process. Bring course syllabi and unofficial transcripts to a counselor to facilitate the process.
  • Individual campuses will be notifying most students of their admission decision between February and March.​

Spring Workshops

The Transfer/Counseling Center is offering several workshops during the Spring semester to assist you in your final steps to complete the transfer process.

I'm Admitted! What's Next?

Show Me the Money!

In the event you did not receive a favorable response, the Transfer/Counseling Center is offering a workshop to help students understand and craft an appeal to have their admission decision reconsidered.

Denied Admission