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UC Application Dates and Deadlines


​​​​The SMC General Counseling and Transfer Services Center would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for applying to the University of California, and to try to answer some of the most pressing questions you may have about the application process at this time.  We would strongly suggest if you have additional questions that you meet with an SMC counselor. If SMC counselors are unable to answer your questions, they can refer you to the appropriate person at the University of California campus to get the answers you need.

Make sure you update your UC application immediately.  The UCs want to know your Fall grades as well as the courses you plan to take in Winter and Spring.  Even if you didn't pass a class or earned a "W" in the Fall, you must list that on the application update.  Completing transferable math and both English courses by the end of Spring is critical to earn admission to the University of California.  Update your application.  Please note that all campuses want the application update submitted by January 31.

The General Counseling and Transfer Services Center is offering "Virtual Counselor Assistance Times" during the month of January for students who have questions/concerns about updating their UC Application.  A counselor will be available to assist students with any questions about the update process.​

UC Application Next Steps Checklist

UC Checklist

Virtual Counselor Assistance

Important Tips​

  • ​To update your application visit the Transfer Application Update​site.
  • Please do not assume you can take courses in the Summer and have those courses "make up" courses you didn't complete in Fall, Winter or Spring.  Please contact each UC campus directly about their policies permitting summer course completion.

  • You do not need to send transcripts or IGETC certification at this time.  You only send those items when they are requested by the UC campus.

  • If you kept a copy of your UC application, go back over it and check to make sure you entered all the information correctly.  If there are errors or omissions, notify the campuses that you applied to immediately.

  • Domestic students should apply for Financial Aid on the FAFSA Website or the California Dream Act​as soon as possible and no later than March 1 for maximum aid consideration.

  • If you are completing a transferable math or English class this Winter, after you receive the grade, go back to the UC Transfer Application Update page, and enter your Winter grades ​

  • If you have college or university courses (other than SMC) that you are using to satisfy either IGETC or elective units to transfer, they must be evaluated by an SMC counselor to determine transferability and applicability to specific requirements.  Provide course syllabi and unofficial transcripts to an SMC counselor to facilitate the process.

  • Individual campuses will begin notifying students between March and May.  Berkeley will notify applicants May 1 and UCLA will notify applicant in late April or early May. 

  • Students with International College or University transcripts: Sometimes UC evaluators need to see unofficial copies of these transcripts.  They will email you and ask for these.  Please have copies ready in case you receive notification that they need to see these transcripts.

Spring Workshops

The Transfer Center is offering several workshops during the Spring semester to assist you in your final steps to complete the transfer process.

I'm Admitted! What's Next?

Information on the final steps to complete a successful transfer will be covered. For example, sending final transcripts, GE certification, and attending orientation at your transfer institution.

Show Me the Money!

This workshop will provide detailed information regarding the cost structure of a Bachelor's degree and what funding options are available to students.  Federal, state, and institutional financial aid will be reviewed as well as unrestricted scholarship opportunities.​​

Denied Admission

In the event you did not receive a favorable response, the Transfer/Counseling Center is offering a workshop to help students understand and craft an appeal to have their admission decision reconsidered.