Writing & Humanities Tutoring Center

Faculty Resources

To best support students, we work to support faculty in every way we can.

Introductory Class Visits

Instructors can request a brief visit to their zoom room from one of our tutors to explain and demystify our services, describe the scheduling process, and encourage them to visit.   

Borrow a Tutor

For instructors who would like extra help during a synchronous class meeting with activities such as peer review or small discussion breakout groups, the WHTC can arrange to have a trained student tutor or instructional assistant provide classroom assistance.  

Prompt Feedback

Although we strive for transparency, it's not always easy to recognize when we are making assumptions about students' previous knowledge or leaving out instructions or definitions that create greater transparency and equity. We will have one of our student tutors give you constructive feedback from a student's point of view on a prompt, syllabus, or assignment to improve clarity, transparency, and accessibility. For prompt feedback, upload your document here: 

Upload Assignment/Prompt Here!

Embedded Tutors

Embedded tutors are student tutors that have demonstrated superior competence in English and writing. They will attend the targeted class, know the assigned material, and work with the professors to help students understand content, develop effective writing and study strategies, and hone critical thinking skills.

If you would like to schedule a class visit, find an embedded tutor, or discuss a project or service we do not currently provide, please contact:

Jasmine Revels
Interim Tutoring Coordinator, English & Humanities