Writing & Humanities Tutoring Center

Student Tutors Wanted!

We are always looking to hire qualified students to work as writing and humanities tutors.

The WHTC is looking for new Student Tutors who have demonstrated proficiency in writing, economics, history, philosophy, psychology, or political science.

Tutors must have excellent critical reading and analytical writing skills, as well as the ability to mentor students and work cooperatively with faculty, Instructional Assistants, and other Student Tutors. Tutors will be expected to meet with students from across the disciplines in one-on-one appointments to help them master difficult subject matter by offering knowledge, support, and effective strategies in reading, writing, and the thinking process.

Applicants must be full-time students (carrying a minimum of 12 units) at Santa Monica College. To complete an application, click here:

Student Tutor Application

Email Loretta Huizar at WHTC@smc.edu with any questions or concerns about this application or the job.