Accessible Technology



Things to Keep in Mind

  • Ask vendors whether they’re compliant and ask for proof (See Questions to Ask VPAT below)

  • Insert binding accessibility commitment verbiage in proposals and contracts

  • Think about how content, graphics and multimedia can be simply communicated to all types of audiences, including people with disabilities

  • Include options for accommodations at events and alternative options of viewing information


Questions to Ask Vendors

  1. Has the vendor supplied documentation of the technology’s accessibility, such as a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)? Have these claims been verified?

  2. Has the vendor agreed or indicated willingness to agree to correct identified accessibility issues in an appropriate, mutually agreed upon, time frame? This is important when the technology doesn’t comply in the future with upgrades by the vendor or standards, and also helps us avoid costs on our end to maintain compliance.


Evaluating Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) for University Procurement