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Faculty Referral Information


Faculty Referral Information

The Learning Disabilities Program provides services for students who have been diagnosed with
learning disabilities and meet the criteria for eligibility established by the California Community
Colleges Chancellor's Office.  The college and instructors are required to provide accommodations
for these students. The Learning Disabilities Program is required, among other things, to facilitate
this process.

The SMC Learning Disability Program offers eight-week assessment workshops each semester and
during Winter and Summer sessions.

Space in these workshops is limited and is intended for students who demonstrate characteristics
consistent with a learning disabled profile (as opposed to educational disadvantage, emotional/psychological disturbance, physical disabilities or limited ability.) 

The following characteristics may be indicative of a learning disability

  1. Consistent difficulty meeting class requirements even though attendance, motivation, and effort are apparent.
  2. Inability to achieve, even though the student appears to possess adequate student habits.
  3. Evidence of some degree of content mastery (uneven test performance, ability to discuss topic, class participation, etc.)
  4. Inability to perform even though the student demonstrates success in other academic areas.
  5. Student reports past history of diagnosed learning disabilities.

The student can be referred to the LD program and may make an appointment to discuss their
situation with a Learning Disabilities Specialist. Students and instructors should be aware that
the assessment process is rather intense and requires a 16 hour/8 week commitment. 

Please remember that there are many reasons why students have difficulty in college. There are
many academic and psychological support services on campus. The College Handbook is a good
resource for accessing these excellent services.

For those students who appear to have other disabling conditions that are interfering with their
academic performance, we ask that you refer them to disabled Students Program and Services,
AC 101, Ext. 4265.

Please refer to the link, Accommodating Students with Disabilities, for detailed information regarding accommodations for students in your classes with disabilities.

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