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Counseling 51: Test-taking/Memory Strategies

Ever feel like you're cramming for an exam but nothing seems to stick? This course will equip you with powerful memory techniques and test-taking strategies that'll transform your study sessions from stressful marathons to productive sprints. Learn how to predict questions, create effective study tools, and manage test anxiety like a pro. 

Counseling 52: Textbook/Memory Strategies

Do you ever feel like you're reading a foreign language when you open a textbook? This course will help you decipher the code and uncover the hidden gems within those hefty tomes. Learn how to identify key concepts, highlight effectively, and create study tools that'll make textbook reading a breeze. 

Counseling 53: Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary Development

Build a solid foundation for decoding, spelling, and expanding your vocabulary. Uncover the secrets of phonemic processes and their impact on reading, spelling, and vocabulary growth. Take a morphological approach to mastering words and watch your language skills soar.

Counseling 54: Organizational Strategies

Get ready to supercharge your productivity! In this course, we dive into the art of managing your time like a pro and breaking down assignments into bite-sized pieces. You'll discover the magic of scheduling on daily, weekly, and monthly calendars. From setting killer goals to battling procrastination, we cover it all. Plus, we throw in a dash of career exploration for good measure. Let's turn your to-do list into a triumph!

Counseling 56: Written Language Strategies

Say goodbye to writing struggles and hello to effortless expression! In this class, we unravel the secrets of spoken versus written language and unveil the wonders of technology to boost your writing skills. We'll fine-tune your essay construction, polish up grammar and punctuation, and even explore the power of dictation, AI, and some handy apps. From crafting compelling emails to mastering personal statements, we've got your back in the writing game. Let's make your words shine!    

Counseling 57: Listening, Note Taking, and Memory

Do you find yourself struggling to take notes in class? Do you have difficulty listening to (and comprehending) a lecture and taking notes at the same time?  Are your notes so brief or disorganized that it is hard to read them?  Do you not know what you should be taking notes on? Do you find yourself forgetting what the professor just said as soon as you walk out of the lecture hall (or as soon as they say it)?  If so, then Counseling 57: Listening, Note Taking, and Memory is the class for you!

In this class, you will learn how to actively listen to your professors, take effective notes, and use memory strategies to remember what you have learned. You will also learn about assistive technology that can help you with your note taking.

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

* Practice good listening skills

* Understand the three stages of note taking

* Take effective notes that will help you study

* Use memory strategies to remember what you have learned

* Use assistive technology to help you with your note taking

* Learn about accommodations for note taking

Counseling 58: Math Strategies*

*Suspended until further notice

This course teaches students with learning disabilities strategies to improve how they learn mathematics and solve mathematical problems. Math strategy workshops are designed for students in Math 54. 

Assessment Course

Before a student can receive these support services, he/she must be evaluated to determine eligibility for the program. Students discover their learning strengths and weaknesses through a series of tasks.  Both academic and thinking skills are assessed during this process. The Learning Disabilities Specialist will interpret testing results and make individual recommendations on how to improve learning and study strategies. 

Interested in taking a Study Strategy Class? A schedule of classes offered for the current semester can be found by clicking: Workshop Schedule

If you are interested in being a part of the Learning Disabilities Program and are currently enrolled into at least one course at Santa Monica College, please email us at and request to make an appointment with a Learning Disabilities Specialist.