Proctoring Procedure

How to Book a Proctoring a Proctoring Appointment with DSPS

How to book a proctoring appointment with DSPS 

Go to the SMC homepage: www.smc.edu    

At the top of the page, click on STUDENT SUPPORT and please select DISABILITY RESOURCES 

Once you are on our page: https://www.smc.edu/student-support/center-for-students-with-disabilities/ scroll down until you see Testing Accommodations for Students and click on the link. 

When you get to this page: https://www.smc.edu/student-support/center-for-students-with-disabilities/student-resources/testing-accommodations-for-students.php, scroll down until you see PROCTOR ROOM APPOINTMENT and click on the blue box marked:  Proctor Room Reservation

Fill out the form and once it is completed hit submit.   

We will receive an email with your information.  Once we receive it, we will generate a confirmation email from DSPS@smc.edu  confirming your appointment date and time. 

Please email us at DSPS@smc.edu  or call us at (310) 434-4265 with questions.