Learning Disabilities Program

Guide to LD Services

The following is a list of LD Program support services and how best to access them

Academic Counseling

  • Go to a counselor at the Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Make an appointment with a counselor
  • Ask to make a 1-2 year plan: discuss REALISTIC goals 

Books on Tape or E-Text

  • Get form from Contact Instructor or Center for Students with Disabilities (DSPS)
  • Fill it out, have Contact Instructor sign it
  • Take to Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Plan ahead. This can take a while     

Note Takers

  • Get Volunteer Note taker form and copier request form from Contact Instructor     
  • Fill them out.
  • Give request form to your course instructor (make an appointment!)
  • Follow up if you don't hear anything in a week
  • Student volunteer note-taker will bring a copy of notes to the LD program for approval and further instructions
  • You may arrange to obtain notes from the note-taker or pick them up from LD Program at the Student Services Building 3rd Floor (S370)

High Tech Center

  • Take LD instructor referral to the High Tech Center at the Student Services Building 1st Floor (S159)
  • Make an appointment with them to discuss options or to get on the waiting list

Priority Enrollment

  • For Fall and Spring Semesters only
  • This entitles you to second or third day enrollment
  • This should happen automatically. If it doesn't, see your counselor

LD Program Study Assistance

  • Come in and study individually or with a group
  • Appointment hours with LD assistants are available. Sign up at the front desk
  • Come with specific questions in mind, assignments, or a rough draft

Study Strategies Classes

  • Get schedule at LD program, find in schedule of classes, or look on the website
  • These meet twice a week for 8 weeks (Counseling 51, 52, 54, 56, 57, and 58)
  • These workshops should be taken along with an academic class in order to be able to apply the strategies learned

Test Proctoring

  • Plan ahead. When you plan your semester schedule leave time after the class to allow for the extra time in the proctoring room
  • Get PROCTOR FORM from the LD Program
  • Have Contact Instructor sign it
  • Make an APPOINTMENT with your course instructor to discuss your proctor form and arrangements (not during class!)                    
  • Return form to the LD Program
  • Schedule time of test with the Center for Students with Disabilities as soon as you can
  • Remind the instructor the day before the exam
  • Go to the proctor room at the scheduled time
  • Pick up proctor room hours and procedures at LD program front desk


  • Meet with your contact instructor to discuss problems and options
  • See Audrey to fill out a schedule with your available time
  • We primarily offer Math and English tutoring; some other subjects take time to locate so plan ahead
  • There are many tutoring options available on campus, use them!
  • Come prepared to these appointments
  • Call if you can't make it. Be responsible!  Reach us at LD@smc.edu or call 310-434-4684