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All-Gender Restrooms

Gender Netural Restroom Sign

All-gender restrooms benefit all people, including transgender and gender diverse individuals, people who require the assistance of a caregiver of a different gender, and parents with children of different genders.

The Pride Center understands the importance of having more all-gender restrooms on our campus. We are currently collaborating with SMC leadership to construct a central multi-stall all-gender bathroom facility on SMC's main campus.

To locate current single-stall all-gender bathrooms, see the SMC Campus Map.


Locations on Campus:

Currently there are four all-gender bathrooms at SMC:

  • 1 all-gender restroom on 3rd floor of the Student Services Center
  • 2 all-gender restrooms on ground floor of CORE Performance Center
  • 1 all-gender restroom in the Health Services office (in Cayton)

How can I show my support for more All-Gender restrooms?

  1. Sign this petition to tell SMC leadership that we need more all-gender bathrooms!
  2. Share a Testimony: If you are a LGBTQ+ student, faculty or staff member, consider sharing a testimony about your experience navigating gender-segregated bathrooms. Your stories and experiences are important for further demonstrating to SMC leadership that our community needs and wants these physical changes to our campus. You will have the option of sharing your experience anonymously if that is most comfortable.
  3. Share your perspective: If you are a LGBTQ+ ally, you can also share your perspective on why SMC needs more all-gender bathrooms! The more voices, the better!
  4. Join the Pride Center committee: We're always looking for ways to build our community. If you're interested in getting involved reach out to Professor Yamissette Westerband (