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Alternative Proctorio Testing

SMC Students Only

This service is for approved SMC students enrolled in a SMC online course which Proctorio is being used to monitor testing services. 

Note: You must be approved by your instructor to use these services.  DSPS students please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities for alternative testing accommodations. 

Schedule An Appointment

  • Your Instructor must submit documentation before you schedule an exam. Please check in with your instructor to make sure they have reached out to the S&E Department before you sign up for testing.  
  • Students have the option to sign up for an exam via Zoom or in-person.
    • The in-person options will be administered at the Success and Engagement Center on the main SMC Campus. 
  • This is a first come first serve basis. Students who are not able to schedule an appoinment online with the Success and Engagement Center will need to speak to their instructor regarding testing alternatives
  • Appointments for Proctorio Alternative Testing services must be completed at least seven (7) days in advance of the anticipated test date

  • Students will need to complete a separate request for each exam or test

  • Come prepared for your exam
  • We will only accept testing through the SMC's Canvas system. Make sure to know your login information and which exam you will be taking  
  • If you are late or unable to access the exam due to log in or technology issues, your appointment will end and you will need to speak with your instructor
  • Your instructor will have final approval regarding your ability to test on the scheduled date and time. Please speak with your instructor regarding your options

Selecting Your Proctoring Time

  • You must select an exam time that matched the closest timeframe to your scheduled exam (1 hr, 1.5 hr, 2,hr, 2.5 hr, or 3hrs, etc). 

  • Your exam will be canceled if you schedule for a timeframe that does not meet your testing requirement
  • Testing will end at the scheduled time, no exceptions
  • Seats are limited 
  • If you are unable to schedule an appointment during your testing window, you must speak with your instructor to find an alternative testing option.  

During your test, you will need to

  • Show proof of government issued identification or verified High School ID prior to testing
  • Shut off all electronic devices such as cell phones, smart watches, tablets, iPads, etc and put them away.
  • If Zoom testing
    • Have a camera and show your work/desk area and view of room 
    • Be alone in testing room
    • Have computer camera and sound turned on at all times
    • Screen-share if Proctor must enter a password provided by the instructor
  • If In-Person testing
    • You must complete your testing in one sitting. You will not be allowed to use any other facilities in the building.
  • Have all instructor approved materials on your desk and show them to the proctor
    • No other materials will be allowed on your desk
  • Take the exam in one sitting. No breaks allowed
  • If you miss your scheduled testing time, are late, or have technical difficulties, we will end the test and your will need to speak with your instructor

Please note: If the student is found cheating, or using unauthorized testing aids, the exam will be stopped immediately, and your instructor will be notified.