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Visit the Modern Languages Lab at Drescher Hall, Room 220.

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The Modern Languages Lab will be closed for the summer from June 12 to August 25, 2024.

Lab resources will remain available digitally, and the Language Lab Support Desk will provide remote services for students during the summer.

Modern Languages Lab

The Modern Languages Lab, located in Drescher Hall, Room 220, is a free computer lab designed for language students to improve their language abilities, work on assignments, and attend Zoom lectures. It provides access to different language learning resources like Mango Languages, and Transparent Language, all offered at no cost to students. Students can receive support from the Language Lab Support Desk staff inside the Modern Languages Lab.


Learn more about the various free resources offered by the Modern Languages Lab.
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Mango Languages

Mango Languages is a free language learning app available to all SMC language students. It offers structured vocabulary lessons and other tools for students to practice.

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Transparent Language

Transparent Language is a free language learning platform available to SMC language students. It offers a diverse range of activities aimed at assisting students in their learning process.

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VoiceThread serves as an interactive presentation and collaboration learning tool, enabling students to interact with slides featuring photos, images, and videos.

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Language Lab Media Finder

The Language Lab Media Finder is a faculty-curated app that allows language students to find and access various articles, textbooks, and websites.


Students can contact a Lab Support team member via email, phone, or by scheduling an appointment. Additionally, tech tutorials, guides, and announcements regarding the Learning Center can be found on our Canvas Shell.

Contact the Lab Support Desk



  1. The Modern Languages Lab is reserved for students currently enrolled in a Modern Languages and Cultures course. We may monitor student activity to support language studying, practice, and relevant coursework.
  2. Students must sign in at the front desk before using the Modern Languages Lab.
  3. Please be courteous to fellow students, tutors, faculty, and staff.
  4. No eating or drinking is allowed inside the Modern Languages Lab.
  5. Students should read and become familiar with the Santa Monica College Student Computer Use Policy.
  6. Students should not unplug, move, or modify any hardware, software, materials, or furniture in the Modern Languages Lab.
  7. Computer workstations will log off users automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. Remember to save your work (Ctrl+S) and log off when done.
  8. Santa Monica College and the Modern Languages Learning Center are not responsible for lost or missing items.





  • Closed for summer: June 12 - August 25, 2024

The Language Lab is closed during all campus holidays and breaks. Hours are subject to change.