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Language Lab Media Finder

A cartoon rocketship with a blue and grey color scheme.

The Language Lab Media Finder is a faculty-curated app that allows language students to find and access various articles, textbooks, and websites. The Media Finder is accessible both within the Modern Languages Lab and remotely through the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Instructions

To access the Language Lab Media Finder remotely, you must install the free Microsoft Remote Desktop app. To install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, choose your device type from the list below and then carefully follow the provided instructions.


The Language Lab Support Desk provides technical assistance and support for the Language Lab Media Finder and other lab resources.

Students can contact a Lab Support team member via email, phone, or by scheduling an appointment. To receive faster assistance, use your official '' email account when emailing a team member. Additionally, tech tutorials, guides, and announcements regarding the Learning Center can be found on our Canvas Shell.

Language Lab Support Desk