Grant Development

Getting Started


Getting Started Checklist/ Grant Manager's Handbook

Grant Manager's Handbook

  • Read the Grant Application and Grant Award Agreement

  • Identify the source of funding (private/public, federal/state/county/city), the grantee (Santa Monica College or Santa Monica College Foundation) and all relevant policies, procedures, and compliance requirements

  • Respond in a timely manner and/or as required to all follow-up requests by the funding source (as outlined in the Grant Award Agreement and/or subsequent communications)

  • Inform Grant Administrator and Grants Office of any key changes to grant plan

  • Inform Program Office of key changes to grant plan after consultation with Grant Administrator and Grants Office

  • Identify and connect with your Grant Accountant

  • Submit a detailed budget to Grant Accountant

  • Establish grant account codes (Grant Accountant will do this)

  • Review personnel plan

  • Initiate the hiring process for all new positions (Division Vice Presidents initiate this process with Senior Staff based on input from grant leadership team)

  • Identify faculty and/or other existing staff who will work on the project

  • Determine payment structure for all existing faculty/staff, if applicable

  • Inform internal and external grant partners, as applicable

  • Convene a meeting of grant partners, if applicable

  • Initiate Purchase Order process for collaborative partners – all subcontracts and consultant contracts follow SMC’s Purchasing process and are approved by the Board of Trustees.

  • Review grant goals, objectives, and outcomes and the evaluation plan

  • Contact Office of Institutional Research if the grant evaluation plan involves the Office of Institutional Research – it is very important to formalize the evaluation plan at the start