SMC In Focus, Volume II, Issue 1



The Kathryn E. Jeffery Standards

Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery brings over three decades of higher education experience to her role as CEO of California’s leading transfer college.

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The Chemistry Club Brews a Winning Solution

This March, the American Chemical Society (ACS) will recognize this student-run SMC club.

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Fernando Castro

The SMC Pathway to Entertainment Industry Success

“It’s an intensive program that builds those transferable skills – it allows them to enter the industry and thrive immediately...”

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SMC Nursing Celebrates a 50 Year Calling

For more than half a century, Santa Monica College has prepared students to start a career in nursing.

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The Burrow, Agents of Change, Kuleana and More

A list of accomplishments by the community of SMC.

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Making a Better World: PPI

The symposium’s focus that year was on public policy and the arts/cultural affairs.

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