Black Collegians

Program Requirements


All Black Collegians Program participants need to meet the following criteria each semester during the  academic year:

  1. Meet with a Black Collegians Program counselor at least twice each semester.

    Students are allowed one meeting with a non-Black Collegians counselor to fulfill one counseling contact. It is the student's responsibility to provide a signed educational plan from a meeting with a non-Black Collegians counselor in order to meet the counseling contact requirement.

    Counseling sessions must be at least thirty minutes to discuss academic planning and/or personal issues. Quick questions and brief drop-in sessions will not count as a full counseling session. Drop-in counseling during the Summer and Winter sessions will count as a counseling session if the student is completing the Black Collegians program admission process.

  2. Attend a minimum of three program activities. Program activities include:

    • Black Collegians Workshops: Workshops with a focus a variety of topics which include discussions on African-American community and transfer information to promote personal empowerment and academic preparation. Workshops will be offered during the fall 2023. We will send weekly updates about workshops to program members via email.

    • Black Collegians Club (BCC) Meetings:  Meetings will be held in the fall 2023. More information will be posted here when days, times and meeting location are determined.  For more information about the club, visit Black Collegians Club.

    • Field Trips – These activities focus on cultural and academic growth and include trips to four-year universities and transfer conferences. Scheduled field trips will be announced to program members via email. 

Dates to Meet Program Requirements

To meet requirements for the fall 2023 semester, you will need to have two Black Collegians academic counseling sessions and participate in three activities by December 9, 2023 . You will need to meet your program requirements in the spring 2024 semester by June 3, 2024, or your program membership may be discontinued.