California State University TAG

CSU Chico Transfer Admission Guarantee Program for International Students


Thank you for your interest in the CSU Chico Guaranteed Transfer Admission Agreement!  We commend you for taking the initiative to create a clear pathway to becoming a WILDCAT.

In order to qualify for the TAG, you must fulfill the conditions as outlined in the official CSU Chico Transfer Admission Guaranteed Agreement for your school.

Once you have reviewed the TAG document, please make sure to set up an appointment with with a international counselor at your participating Guarantee School to determine your academic readiness and understanding of the agreement.

To register your interest in the TAG program please complete the following registration form.  By submitting the form, you confirm your understanding of the parameters of the agreement.

CSU Chico defines a qualified SMC international student as one who has: An F-1 Visa*
Completed at least 24-semester units with a grade point average of 2.0 in all transferable college coursework:*
Completed the required coursework in three fundamental areas of General Education with a grade of C or better:*
Completed a CSU application for admission by the application deadline ( and paid the $55 application fee:**
Submitted official transcripts from all colleges attended:*
Submitted official secondary school transcripts (if transferring with fewer than 60 transferable units):*
Demonstrated proof of financial ability to pay for all costs of attending CSU Chico for the first year:*
Mailing Address
Please let us know what counselor you worked with to verify your eligibility for the Guarantee Program.


As you navigate the college transfer process, we hope that you take the opportunity to contact our office for assistance or guidance at email or by calling the phone number 530-898-5415.