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To be eligible and get the benefits of a TAG, you must meet the following criteria:

UC Merced Transfer Admission Requirements

  • Complete at least 30 UC transferable semester units by the end of Summer 2022 with a minimum UC GPA as follows:

    • All majors in the School of Natural Sciences: 2.9

    • All majors in the School of Engineering: 3.0

    • Computer Sciences & Engineering: 3.0 (GPA in computer science courses must be at least a B or better, with an overall 3.0)

    • All majors in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts (except Psychology): 2.8

    • Psychology majors: 3.0

    • Complete one UC transferable English and one math course with a grade of C (2.0) or higher by the end of Fall 2022

    • Complete second UC transferable English by the end of Spring 2023

    • No more than two withdrawals "Ws" in major preparation courses

    • No more than (1) major prep course where grades of NP, D or F were received, even if repeated with passing grade 

Specific majors require coursework completed with specific grades by the end of Spring 2022. Please consult the website above, in conjunction with ASSIST.