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To be eligible and get the benefits of a TAG, you must meet the following criteria:

UC Riverside Undergraduate Admissions

  • Complete minimum of 30 UC transferable semester units by the end of Summer 2020

  • Complete one UC - required English Composition course by the end of Fall 2020 and a 2nd by the end of Spring 2021
  • Students applying to a selecting major (all BCOE, CNAS and SB majors, and CHASS economics, business economics, psychology and neuroscience majors), must have the minimum math for the major completed by end of Fall 2020
  • Applicants for all other majors must complete one UC – transferable math course by end of Fall 2021
  • College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science (CHASS): 2.8 UC GPA

  • School of Business (SB): 3.0 UC GPA (and specific major courses per ASSIST)

  • Marian and Rosemary Bournes College of Engineering (BCOE): 3.0 UC GPA (and specific major courses per ASSIST)

  • College of Natural and Agricultural Science (CNAS): 2.8* UC GPA

  • Graduate School of Education (GSOE): 2.7 UC GPA

  • School of Public Policy: 2.7 UD GPA