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Pre-Nursing Program Requirements


About Health Sciences Requirements

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Immunizations/Vaccinations and Titers

All incoming nursing students need to have completed a series of immunizations/vaccinations. Students will be required to have titers drawn to validate the vaccines received and show proof of immunity in numerical values. No exceptions. 

Should any student's titer show lack of immunity, the student is required to receive the specific vaccination for the corresponding low or negative titer result and re-test titer value's/immunity four weeks or more post vaccine administration.

Required Titers

  • Hepatitis B: series of 3 shots for low or negative titers 1 month apart between the first & second, and five months apart between the second and the third

  • Varicella (chicken pox): 2 shots for low or negative titers 1 month apart

  • MMR(Measles, Mumps & Rubella): 2 shots for low or negative titers 1 month apart

  • Polio titers are required if there is no proof of vaccination.

  • Tdap vaccine is required within the past five years. There is no titer requirement for this vaccine.

  • 2-Step TB Mantoux skin test within the past six months; if TB test is positive a Chest X-Ray is required indicating tuberculosis clearance. Note: The 2-Step Mantoux test for TB should be done first prior to initiating an MMR vaccination.

Required Lab Tests

  • CBC (complete blood count) within the past six months.

  • VDRL or RPR (test for syphilis) within the past six months.

  • Urinalysis (UA) with microscopic exam within the past six months