Business Department


Santa Monica College business students are the face of transformation and change. Curious and innovative, our students are ahead of the curve when it comes to engagement, critical thinking, and creative solutions. Situated in the heart of Silicon Beach, industry leaders recognize our programs and our graduates for taking cutting edge approaches to real-world problems.

Whether you are a first-time student or changing careers, our business programs equip you with the expert knowledge, current tools and applied training you need to build or advance your career.

Instructors focus on job-specific skills that employers value including:

  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership

We offer a range of education options including Associate in Science degrees and certificate programs across many concentrations.

Programs of Study


Gain the knowledge and technical skills required to expertly prepare financial records or design systems and processes.

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Prepare for a career in business management or entrepreneurship with applied training in business, sales, and cash flow.

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Understand market trends and forecasting, develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns, and analyze data.

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Global Trade and Logistics

Learn how to adeptly manage the movement of goods, and exchange of services and information on a global scale.

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Develop the innovative, resourceful and resilient mindset needed to determine the viability of a business and take it from idea to reality.

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Prepare for positions including claims adjuster, examiner, investigator, legal support worker, sales representative and more.

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Gain a thorough understanding of taxation principles and standards to pursue a career in taxation or financial services.

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Additional Programs

Administration of Justice

Learn about the criminal justice system and its organizational components including legal and public policy contexts.

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Automotive Technology

Gain comprehensive and technical knowledge of cars as well as hands-on training in complex electronic processes.

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Homeless Service Work

This industry-based certificate program is designed for students who are interested in starting a career in the homeless response system. 

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Skill Builders (Noncredit)

Build a career development plan and learn key workplace skills designed to help you land a job, keep a job, or get promoted.

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