Full-Time Faculty

Name Email Office, Phone
Gregory Brookins
Accounting BUS 220R, 310-434-8510
Keith Everett
Business BUS 220J, 310-434-8593
Aileen Huang
Accounting BUS 220A, 310-434-3483
Marce Kelly
Business BUS 220M, 310-434-8508
Nathan Khalil
Business & Administration of Justice BUS 220 T, 310-434-4054
Enrique Lopez
Accounting BUS 261, 310-434-8366
Ming Lu
Accounting BUS 200C, 310-434-4418
Dana Nasser
Department Chair
Business & Administration of Justice BUS 220N, 310-434-4841
Thomas Paccioretti
Business BUS 261, 310-434-4850
Jenny Resnick
Accounting B220K, 310-434-4895
Katya Rodriguez 
Business BUS 220G, 310-434-4834
Cesar Rubio 
Accounting BUS 220H, 310-434-4846
Steven Sedky 
Business BUS 200B, 310-434-4845
Erin Steinberger 
Accounting BUS 220K, 310-434-4138
Sal Veas
Business B200A, 310-434-4617

Part-Time Faculty

Name Email
Jillian Alexander, Business
James Andre, Accounting
Pebble Carballo, Accounting
Andrew Clausen, Business
Ed Combs, Business
Joshua Coplen, Business
Charles Daniel, Accounting
Ron Fitzgerald, Accounting
Jeffrey Haig, Accounting
Jeffrey D. Haig, Business
Maria Hanson, Accounting
Lori Hicks, Business
Raymond Hunter, Business
Lorrie Ivas, Business
Doranne Jung, Business
Ellen Klugman, Business
Ridgway Knight, Accounting
Talar Hanounek
Frank Lamarra, Accounting
Winnie Lim, Accounting
Lisa Maier, Accounting
Samuel Mares, Accounting
Dan Margolis, Business
Melissa Mikolajczak
Alicia Mumba
Willian Nault, Accounting
Joseph Oliveri, Business
Ranu Paik, Business
William Platz, Accounting
Angie Rados-Cloke, Business
Michael Roddy
Catherine Roberts
Cassie Rockwell, Business
Carolyn Roper-Conley, Business
Al Santilanes, Business
Keith Shishido, Business
Steven Sindell, Business
Stephen Soucy, Business
Victor Trippetti, Accounting
Marlea Welton, Business


Name Email Phone
Peter Murray, Office Manager 310-434-4295