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SMC Emeritus Student Advisory Committees

The Emeritus Advisory Committees (formerly known as ESAC) is the primary mechanism for the Emeritus Associate Dean to get feedback from students on continues to be an advocate for students, ensuring that a broad range of noncredit classes is provided for lifelong learning.

These advisory committees serve only in an advisory role to the Emeritus Associate Dean, and do not get to direct or govern Emeritus operations, programs or classes. The official handbook of the Emeritus advisory bodies is here.

These advisory committees have existed in a variety of forms in the past, and a lot of what Emeritus does now and how we do it, is due in no small part to the input and involvement of Emeritus students whom have served on these Advisory Committees. You may click here to find the information from the ESAC from before the pandemic, for archive purposes.

Advisory Committees Chairs Meeting Summary

  • Meeting summaries will appear here.

2023-2024 Members - APPLY NOW

The application to serve for the 2023-24 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024) is available to download here. Please email your application packet (application form plus attached answers to the questions), to The deadline to apply is February 25, 2023. Advisory Committee members will be selected and will start transitioning before the new Fiscal Year starts.

The Emeritus Associate Dean will appoint an ad-hoc committee to review applications, and then will make appointments to the Emeritus Advisory Committees listed below. The ad-hoc Selection Committee will consist of the Emeritus Associate Dean, Dean of Noncredit and External Programs and Administrative Assistant.

Advocacy Committee

Annual efforts to get elected representatives to visit Emeritus. Schedule a trip to Sacramento to lobby, liaison with Emeritus at other California Community Colleges to coordinate efforts, etc.

Field Trips/Bus Trips

Plans special bus trips planned during the semesters.

Fundraising Committee

Focus on multiple fundraising efforts to raise additional funds to supplement the state funding, thus serving the interest of the students and supporting SMC Emeritus programs by providing equipment and supplies that we would otherwise do without.   

Outreach, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Assist in marketing to the outside community (i.e. Recruitment), and identify how we can transition new students to Emeritus, and provide an environment welcoming of a diverse population of older adults.

Student Feedback Committee

Handles publicity within the Emeritus population.   Provide a way for students to voice concerns and make suggestions to the administration. Provide feedback from the administration to student suggestions.

Student Programs and Courses Committee

Vet and suggest ideas (one-time programs, courses and events, for example), review suggestions from students, share thoughts on relative interest (i.e. can we fill a class on a specific topic).  
Please note: all curricular decisions are faculty-driven.