Parking Citation Appeals Process


Step 1: Police Department Review

The adjudicating authority will respond to an appeal via email. It is your responsibility to check the e-mail account that you have indicated for response(s) to your appeal. Non-compliance with the decision(s) of the adjudicating authority with regard to this appeal may result in additional fines, forfeiture of parking privileges, and/or impoundment of your vehicle(s). You are required to provide first name, last name and at least one contact method -- either email, phone, or address.

The appeal process utilizes the on-line iParq dispute resolution service.  The preferred communication is an electronic delivery of your dispute results. An email notification will be sent to the email address you provided at registration for notification once your dispute results are available to view in the online Dispute Center. If you wish to have your dispute results mailed to you, you must contact the Santa Monica College Police Department by phone, in-person, or by mail. The Santa Monica College Police Station is located at 1718 Pearl Street, Santa Monica College Ca 90405; telephone is 310-434-4608.

Step 2: Hearing Officer

For individuals whose appeals are upheld, a second level of appeal with the Director of Auxiliary Services or his designee, who performs the role of 'Hearing Officer', may be requested. This will be your opportunity to meet with the reviewer and state the nature of your appeal. During this time, you may submit any additional documentation or information pertaining to your case. If you cannot be present on the appointment date, your initial written appeal will be forwarded to the 'Hearing Officer' who will review your case and make their decision to either uphold or dismiss the citation.

The SMC Police Department will provide the 'Hearing Officer' with all relevant information associated with your case. Information provided may contain the following items:

  • Copy of the citation you were issued.

  • All correspondence that Santa Monica College Police Department has on file that you submitted.

  • Investigation results that were conducted associated with your citation.

  • Correspondence and notices that were sent to you by the iParq dispute resolution service.

The 'Hearing Officer' will review all information, and listen to your explanation as to why you feel the parking citation should be dismissed. The 'Hearing Officer' will end the hearing once he/she has enough information to render a decision. The 'Hearing Officer' will render one of the following decisions:

  • The parking citation is upheld; citation must be paid in full or appealed through the next step.

  • The citation is dismissed, no fees are due.

  • Reduction of fees.

You will then receive an email or written correspondence from Santa Monica College Police Department regarding their decision. If resolution cannot be reached at this level, the third level of appeal to the Superior Court of Santa Monica can be requested.

Step 3: Court

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the 'Hearing Officer', per CVC 40215, you may file a civil claim against Santa Monica College and further contest the parking citation by appeal through Superior Court. You cannot appeal a parking citation if you have not first obtained the results from both, your initial officer appeal and 'Hearing Officer' appeal. Both must be performed before you can appeal the parking citation. To file for an appeal, you must do so in person at the Santa Monica Superior Court, located at 1725 Main Street which has jurisdiction over all parking and traffic violations in the Santa Monica Community College District.