SMC In Focus, Volume V, Issue 3


Mission Accomplished

Saul Isler is quite proud of the fact that he is Santa Monica College’s oldest graduate this year. 

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How Aqueelah English Found Herself Again

Aqueelah English was at a crossroads in her life when she discovered Santa Monica College and the Guardian Scholars Program for current and former foster youth enrolled at the college.

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Dreams Do Come True

Seeing her smiling face and calm appearance, no one could guess at the hard road Vanessa Dotson traveled to get to where she is now.

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Positive Psychology: Oliver Harris

Five years after dropping out of high school, Oliver Harris decided to study at Santa Monica College to give his life structure. But the sense of order he sought quickly became a journey.

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Bragging Rights

A list of accomplishments by the community of SMC.

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Stronger Than Yesterday

After extensive physical and speech therapy for cranial nerve damage, Alex Boyd needed a change in her life. When a cousin told her about “this great college out in California, I looked up SMC and was captivated by the serene atmosphere of the campus,” she said, “so, I decided to look into the programs offered. My mom said, ‘You should go,’ and I did.”

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