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Math Therapy


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About Math Therapy

Math therapy was an amazing service to give students the confidence and ability to excel with the provision of intensive math tutoring along with mindfulness to decrease anxiety surrounding math. Unfortunately, we have had to pause this service for a bit as our math instructional assistant has taken on a new role at the college. 

Historically, we have provided assistance in math through Three Strategies for Success:

  • Community Base Support: No one succeeds alone! Every week math students, math faculty, tutors and counselors come together to eliminate math barriers and solve problems!

  • Strategies from Math Champions: We are solution focused! Learn different approaches, methods, and strategies from our math champions!

  • Free Math Resources: We provide books, calculators, study materials, food (study sessions only) and free giveaways.

If you bring a friend to math therapy, you can learn about our Inventive program!

Joining a math therapy session will count as a program credit. You must sign in and out on site.

How to Join?

Fill out a math champion profile, attend as many sessions as possible and bring all math supplies (books, notebooks, homework, etc.) We will provide the rest!