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About Math Therapy

If you are starting a new math class, taking a math assessment, experiencing math anxiety, repeating a math class or challenged with math homework, we can help!

We provide assistance in math through Three Strategies for Success:

  • Community Base Support: No one succeeds alone! Every week math students, math faculty, tutors and counselors come together to eliminate math barriers and solve problems!

  • Strategies from Math Champions: We are solution focused! Learn different approaches, methods, and strategies from our math champions!

  • Free Math Resources: We provide books, calculators, study materials, food (study sessions only) and free giveaways.

If you bring a friend to math therapy, you can learn about our Inventive program!

Joining a math therapy session will count as a program credit. You must sign in and out on site.

How to Join?

Fill out a math champion profile, attend as many sessions as possible and bring all math supplies (books, notebooks, homework, etc.) We will provide the rest!