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To be eligible and get the benefits of a TAG, you must meet the following criteria:

UC Davis, Transfer Admission Guarantee

  • Have been enrolled at a California Community College during the previous spring term and currently enrolled in a California Community College for the current fall term.  Must plan to be enrolledin CCC during Spring prior to transfer.

  • Full-time enrollment is strongly recommended to be adequately prepared for UCD.  Students who are enrolled part-time for any of the above terms should provide justification in the Additional Comments section of the TAG application.

  • Complete UC - required transferable math course and two UC - required English Composition courses by the end of Fall 2022

  • Complete at least 30 UC transferable semester units at the end of Summer 2022 (AP and IB units allowed) with a minimum UC GPA as follows:

    • College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences: 3.2*

    • College of Biological Sciences: 3.2*

    • College of Engineering: 3.5*

    • College of Letters & Science: 3.2* (Computer Science is no longer available for TAG)

    • Computer Science: 3.5*

*Some majors require additional coursework to be completed by Spring 2023 with specific grades. Details on the addition requirements.