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Historically Black Colleges and Universities


Historically Black Colleges & Universities

California community college students who complete certain academic requirements are guaranteed transfer to a participating HBCU.

Pick 1 of 2 Routes

Route A

  • 60 Units
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Complete IGETC or CSU GE
  • Earn an Associates Degree

* Ensures student enters at junior level and major courses will count towards major.




Route B

  • 30 Units or More
  • 2.5 GPA

* Units will be placed where the institution sees fit. It is at the discretion of the institution.

Once you have met 1 of 2 routes, you must meet with a counselor to:

  • Get approved for TAG.
  • Complete the Common Black College Application, Common Application, or the University Website to apply.
    • See the list below to find out which application you should use.
  • Send all your college transcripts immediately!

If you use the Common Black College Application:

  • The application takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • You do not have to enter most high school information including SAT/ACT scores.
    • Your high school GPA will not be used to determine our admissions.
  • If you graduated HS after 1990, select 1990 as your graduation year.
  • If you attended more than one community college, list your most recent school.
  • You do not have to enter your transcript information because you will mail them in.

The 39 participating institutions are:

* Not on Common Black College Application – Use Common Application or University Website Application

** Not on Common Black College Application – Use Application on University Website only

Average Cost of Fees and Tuition: $13,500

Privates don’t have out-of-state tuition
Some public schools offer in-state tuition

How to TAG to a Historically Black College and University

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