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Palo Alto University offers community college students the opportunity to transfer using the same requirements as CSU. The admission process is simple, and there is no essay requirement. Once you enroll, the program is designed so that you can complete your psychology bachelor's degree online or on campus in exactly two years with no tuition increases. For more information visit the PAU Undergraduate Programs website.

Transfer Admission Agreement with Santa Monica College

Transfer students must successfully complete 90 quarter (60 semester)* transferable units with a minimum 2.0 GPA, to be considered for admission to Palo Alto University's (PAU) undergraduate programs. Only courses with a grade of C or better will be accepted. Admission into any of PAU’s undergraduate programs also requires the completion of a General Psychology course, or comparable introductory level psychology course.

Admission into the undergraduate program requires the completion of the California State University General Education/Breadth (CSU GE Breadth) with grades of C or better in each course. Only College Level courses with grades of C or higher are transferrable. CSU Certification automatically fulfills Palo Alto University’s General Education Areas.

California State University General Education/Breadth Requirements (CSU GE Breadth)

Area A: English Language Communication and Critical Thinking

  • Minimum of 9 semester units (12 quarter units)

Area B: Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning

  • Minimum of 9 semester units (12 quarter units)

  • Includes one course from each: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning, Physical Science, and Life Science

Area C: Arts and Humanities

  • Minimum of 9 semester units (12 quarter units)

  • Select at least one course in each: Arts and Humanities

Area D: Social Sciences

  • Minimum of 9 semester units (12 quarter units)

  • With courses in at least two disciplines, including General Psychology

Area E: Lifelong Learning and Self-Development

  • Minimum of 3 units (4-5 quarter units)

    • Palo Alto University will accept a maximum of 6 courses in Physical Education for transfer.

    • Most occupational/vocational coursework is not eligible for transfer.

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