Josh Elizondo

Associated Students President (2021-2022)

Josh Elizondo


I thrive in community and while we have been able to ‘see’ each other remotely, nothing compares to being able to have an impromptu conversation on the Quad. I’m super excited to start having these conversations again soon.

I’m #ProudToBeSMC because the college has truly shaped and transformed my life. I came to the college knowing I wanted an education but lacked the guidance on how to achieve my goals. Since being here, I’ve not only been able to reach for my education by obtaining 9 Associates Degrees and transferring to a four-year institution this fall (while dual-enrolling) but I’ve also found a community to engage with through student leadership; holding many roles including, being Student Trustee (2020-21) and the current Associated Students President (2021-22)! I would not be who I am today without my time at the college.

There were times I struggled to find balance, but I’ve been able to really emphasis fitness and leisure more now that I haven’t had a long drive to the college each day. I recently started running three miles a day and making sure I take care of me more than I ever had before.

I am extremely grateful for the college’s basic needs services. I’ve been able to take advantage of the Everytable, Bento (formerly Hunger Not Impossible) and the SMC food drives as well as being a recipient of several CARES relief payments over different semester to really help get through these difficult times. These services are pivotal to supporting our students in focusing on their education while making sure their basic needs are being met; so students are not left behind while we are apart.