Redelia Shaw

Communications & Media Studies Professor

Redelia Shaw


I have missed being in SMC Studios and providing work-based learning opportunities for our students. Working with future alumni on their podcasts and TV shows and experiencing their growth throughout each semester with their creative projects is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job as an instructor. Especially when some of their radio spots that they do for our SMC campus makes it on the air, it is just a testament to my pragmatic approach to teaching and brings it all full circle for the student.

I love inspiring students to think outside of themselves and create content that expresses their view of the world. Seeing their altruistic ideas come to life as media projects makes me #ProudToBeSMC!

During the pandemic I have been in touch with friends and family more and that has kept me more positive. Also, just knowing that this too, shall pass, reassures me that there is an end in sight.