Cindy Ordaz

Administrative Assistant, Art / Communication & Media Studies (2nd Vice President, CSEA)

Cindy Ordaz


I realized from the first day of working at home, how important face-to-face human contact was and how much I cared about the people I work with. I missed troubleshooting the copier, ordering supplies for our faculty or helping a student find an office or building. I missed meeting with my coworkers for coffee or lunch. I missed saying good morning to every person I knew when I got to work. I missed seeing the vibrant student life every day on the quad.

As Administrative Assistants, we wear many hats. I love being able to contribute to our students’ success by working together in the background, whether it is by helping improve a process that will save our students’ time to make their lives easier or by guiding them to the many resources available. I also enjoy being able to advocate for my coworkers’ rights and helping improve working conditions at SMC.

I knew that if I let the fear overwhelm take over, I would get sick and let the people down who depended on me. I adapted each day. I let things be. I made sure to be wake up and feel grateful for at least three things in my life, every day. Some days I was grateful that I could cook and eat with my son, other days, I was just happy to be employed. I listened to books on Audible, and at times went on social media to laugh at the silly dances people made on TikTok . . . I listened to DJ D-Nice on Instagram in the evenings to keep my spirits up with good music and I turned off the news.