Jamar London

Math Instructor and SMC Academic Senate President

Jamar London


While virtual meetings provided some normalcy or connection to the outside world, I would much rather be in person. . . I miss engaging both our students and all our wonderful colleagues. I have missed spending time talking to students about topics unrelated to mathematics while walking or in my office and also having a quick lunch with colleagues before rushing off to class. Overall I just missed having a place to go to Monday thru Friday.

I am proud of our efforts to ensure students could continue their education during a pandemic.  Not only did we ensure this, but many among us excelled and developed new and exciting ways of teaching or providing services to our students.  While there are many other reasons why I am #ProudToBeSMC one of the topmost is to see how our students have encouraged us to include their voice in the development of college practices and policies.  Our students truly are taking a leading role in their own education.

To stay positive during the pandemic, I relied on multiple resources.  I set up Zoom calls with family, went on neighborhood walks, play some video games, watch Netflix, and did a lot of cooking.  One of the things that is providing me a sense of calm now is having taken the Covid-19 vaccine.  Having the vast majority of my family vaccinated and being able to gather continues to give me confidence this pandemic will pass and a Laker home game is in my future!