Dr. Susan Fila

Interim Associate Dean of Health & Wellbeing

Dr. Susan Fila


I especially missed the Organic Learning Garden and watching all the plants thrive in that sunny spot at the college. It will be so nice to be back and see people again! I love that I get to collaborate with people from across departments. Our staff are so thoughtful, kind, and focused on student success and wellbeing. It makes me proud to work for an institution that always puts students first when making hard decisions (like having to be remote).

I think it’s harder to balance work and life when you’re home, but everyone has a different experience. I found that the drive to and from campus helped to mentally prepare me for the day. Without that time, I am jumping from something like household chores straight into a meeting, or a report. I don’t like that transition, so I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Having weekly meetings with my team and group texts really helped to keep things light during dark times. We had each other to lean on during the height of the pandemic. On a more personal note, having my daughter has been such a wonderful source of positivity. It’s hard to be down when you’re with a smiling baby 😊