Student Government

Inter-Club Council

The Inter-Club Council (ICC) governs the Student Organizations at Santa Monica College (SMC).

Please read the statement from the Office of Student Life concerning the Students Supporting Israel Club. 

Statement from the Office of Student Life

Welcome to Inter-Club Council (ICC)!

Join a Club! - Create a Club! - Develop Leadership Skills! - Make New Friends!

Who We Are

The Inter-Club Council (ICC), is the governing group comprised of all officially recognized SMC Student Clubs and Organizations. The ICC is part of Associated Students and is the voice of all the club members.

Our Purpose

The ICC shall promote student awareness and participation in Santa Monica College clubs; to establish coordination, communication and cooperation among the officially registered student clubs; to promote the development of student leadership and service; and to promote campus and public awareness of Inter-Club Council activities.

  • ICC Officers 

    The ICC will elect three ICC Officers to  serve on the Associated Students Board of Directors, from the club ICC Delegates.

    The three ICC Officer Positions to sit on the A.S. Board of Directors are: 

    1. ICC Chair
    2. ICC Vice Chair
    3. ICC Communications Officer

    The ICC Officers are listed on the "A.S. Board of Directors" page.

    The Inter-Club Council will hold ICC Officer Elections in the Spring Semester, usually the last ICC meeting. 

  • ICC Delegates

    Each Club will need two ICC Delegates. 

    • The Club President is automatically considered the first club ICC Delegate.
    • The second club ICC Delegate is selected by the Club President.
    • Only one club ICC Delegate needs to represent the club at the ICC Meetings. 

    All the ICC Delegates are eligible to run for one of the three ICC Officer Positions to serve on the A.S. Board of Directors.