Leadership Opportunities


  1. Become an A.S. Commissioner

    • A.S. Commissioners work with and assist a particular A.S. Director.
    • A.S. Commissioners not only gain leadership experience but also contribute to the S.M.C. community.
    • The exact duties of an A.S. Commissioner depend on both the projects and responsibilities of their respective A.S. Director.
    • To apply to be an A.S. commissioner, complete the following electronic forms:
             A.S. Commissioner Application
         A.S. FERPA Instructions

    Join a Committee

    • By joining a committee through A.S., you have the opportunity to represent your fellow S.M.C. students in decisions that affect both the whole student body and the entire campus.
    • A.S. offers opportunities to join two types of committees:
      • A.S. Committees
      • Santa Monica College Campus-Wide Committees
    • A.S. committee members contribute to various A.S. projects, events, and decisions.
    • Santa Monica College Campus-wide committee members (A.S. representatives) speak for students in key decisions about S.M.C. as a whole.
    • To apply to be an A.S. committee member or A.S. representative, fill out the following electronic forms: 
              A.S. Committee Member / Representative Application
              A.S. FERPA Instruction

    Join a Club