Adelante Program

Orientation Sessions and Program Requirements


How to Join the Adelante Program Community

In order to join the Adelante Program, students are required to attend a 1 hour orientation as part of the membership process. The Adelante Program Summer/Fall 2024 enrollment will begin the last week of June 2024 and end in early September 2024. Please register for an orientation date of your choice (in person or zoom) by clicking on the schedule link below. Please be on time. Thank you and hope to see you soon!

Adelante Program Orientations for Fall 2024 Enrollment

Program Requirements

All Adelante Program participants need to meet the following criteria each semester during the academic year:

  1. Meet with a Latino Center/Adelante counselor at least twice each semester if you are new to the program. If you are a continuing Adelante student, meet with a Latino Center/Adelante counselor at least once each semester.

    Counseling sessions must be at least thirty minutes to discuss academic planning and/or personal issues.

  2. Attend a minimum of one program activity. Program activities include:

    • Adelante workshops: Workshops with a focus a variety of topics which include discussions on the Latinx community and transfer information to promote personal empowerment and academic preparation. Workshops will be offered during the Spring 2024 session in person and via zoom. We will send out the information about these workshops weekly via email.

    • Adelante Club Meetings (three equals a workshop): In person meetings will be held in the Spring 2024. More information will be sent via email to students when days and times are determined.  For more information about the club, email

    • Student Lingo workshops – These interactive workshops can help students achieve their personal, academic, and career goals. Workshops include student activities, links to additional resources, and proof of completion. For more information, access Student Lingo.

Dates to Meet Program Requirements

 You will need to meet your program requirements in the Spring 2024 semester by Friday, June 14, 2024, or you may be exited from the program.



For more information about the Latino Center/Adelante Program, email or call 310-434-4459.